Snakes & Snakes: R18+

If you’re like me then you want Australia to have an r18+ rating for video games. You want it, but you’re not exactly willing do dress up like a fucking zombie and walk down the street to convey maturity or sign the millionth petition.

Well you’re in luck, because this blog is our key to not only finally getting the r18 rating us Australians have always wanted, but getting it in about 5 mins with just the roll of some dice. I’ve created this handy little board game where you can finally be on your way to helping Australia do what the rest of the world did years ago.

The rules are simple, you play as one of the states of Australia (Excluding SA because they cannot win), you start on the Australia square and first one to hit the r18 square wins! Go on, do your part.

lick the picture for a more printer friendly version of the game (or to just see what the hell i wrote in those squares). Go ahead and try it out with your friends, or by yourself if you have none. Because getting this R18 rating will be about as useful as the one we actually get.

You’re welcome.

Dr Ruffle B. Berg XXXVLIIII
Video game paranormal investigator & Fake board game enthusiast


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