This Is What The Madden Games Will Look Like 146 Years From Now

As an Australian guy who has zero understanding of American Football beyond reading the rules page on Wikipedia about an hour ago, I’m practically overqualified to make recommendations on the direction of one of the most successful sports gaming franchises of all time. Here is Madden 2159. Or as i like to call it, the best Madden game ever.

Madden 2159 is the only logical destination for this series. This box art should explain the general idea that I think this series needs to go in.

Madden 2159 Boxart


T-101 provides expert robot commentary

Pictured: Jim Nantz wandering what the fuck is going on

Humans will still play football with the master race of robots, but only because of ridiculous EEO laws that robots cannot seem to remove due to their unwavering moral compass when it comes to employment. You can see in this screenshot below a player who is about to score a touchdown before he was tackled and his spine shattered.


Amazingly, EA are yet to contact me about turning this into a real game. Get ahead of the game, EA. We’ll all make billions!

Until next time,
Dr Ruffle B. Berg
Professional time machine enthusiast | Looking for Sarah Connor


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