The Future Of Video Game Disclaimers

A new Wolfenstein game was announced not long ago. Wolfenstein: A New Order features an alternate timeline where the Nazis won World War II, build an army of super robots and continue to become übervillains, or something like that. On a more interesting note, you may have heard that Bethesda Softworks the publishers of the game recently took the amazing step of sending out a disclaimer to the press just clarifying that they don’t agree with the things that the Nazis did. Glad they cleared that up. Here i was thinking all of those guys where sitting around waiting for the days of the fourth reich.

A hilarious case of overcautiousness? Publishers thinking the press and subsequently all the future players of their game are morons who can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality? I assumed that this was just a one-off case. To my surprise, i started getting some more press material from other companies who had also felt the need to clarify a position that no one ever had questioned.

The first one i got was from SouthPeak. Telling me that all future versions of My Baby Girl will be printed with the following disclaimer on the box;
My Baby Girl
Quantic Dream are apparently set to release a patch immediately that will display a message on screen every time the theme of crimes against children comes up in conversation.

Heavy Rain

Rockstar games have just announced that every single copy of GTAV will come bundled with a dictionary that comes with the insert for “Fiction” already highlighted.

GTAV: Dictionary Edition
These disclaimers cannot come soon enough, I think. How else will I know that what I’m playing isn’t a direct representation of the practices and beliefs at the companies themselves? Sure, you may think it’s a little insulting that these companies think you’re a fucking idiot. But it’s a small price to pay so Bethesda can make sure you know they’re not Nazis.

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  It should be noted that despite the content, the author of this article in no-way encourages the use of sarcastic disclaimers in video games or information released to the press. Any link readers find between this article and the use of such disclaimers is entirely coincidental]


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